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Short biography

Mikhail Verkholanzev ranks with modern artists, such as Carlo Mariani, Francesco Clemente, Jörg Immendorff, Georg Baselitz, Mimmo Paladino who associate themselves with the Transavantgarde movement. This movement is a sort of stylistic Counter-Reformation. It's no coincidence that all these artists representing different countries regardless of each other were fond of art of the Mannerism period.
Back in the 60ies he was overwhelmed with Gabriel’s and Dowland’s music, paintings of Pontormo and engravings of Boldrini, sceneries of Primaticcio and Enea Vico took his breath away. It was the first experience in comprehension of the spirit of Mannerism, first naive engravings of those years that gave grounding for the unique plastic language of today's Mikhail Verkholanzev.
Despite dominating of oppressively bold drawing engravings remain painterly in some mysterious way. As for painting, vice versa, he is not afraid of being called a graphic artist and retains the same unhesitating, sometimes even rigorous drawing. Therefore all his canvases resemble cardboards for gobelins. The artist's paintings as if had soaked the energy and thoroughness of his silver engravings. Perfect proportion catching and conveying as well as sophisticated arrangement enable him to create a harsh memorable image without using colouristic nuances, though the artist often proves indirectly that he can be a subtle colourist.
Having worked for a long time in the field of design Mikhail Verkholanzev naturally had to plunge into the atmosphere of the search for new avant-garde techniques, they were known to him as a practical matter, therefore his Figurativism distinctly differs from Figurativism of the 30ies and the first post-war years both in terms of style and ideology. For him ignoring new tendencies and trends in art does not mean negation of these tendencies and trends, it is mere longing for as much freedom in creative work as possible without referring to any long-standing models.
  Mikhail Verkholantsev was born in 1937, in Moscow. In 1961, he graduated from Moscow State University of Industrial and Applied Arts (former Stroganov Academy). He is a member of the Moscow Artists Union, Creative Union of Russian Artists and a Distinguished Artist of the Russian Federation. He has received awards and medals in International Biennales Of Graphic Arts in Russia, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Turkey and Poland. In 2003, he was awarded the silver medal by the Russian Academy of Arts. In 2007, he received the gold medal from the Creative Union of Russian Artists. He works in the fields of applied and easel graphic art, design and painting